Soweto and Kliptown


The Soweto and Kliptown Tour

Experience one of the most Historic and Vibrant townships in Johannesburg, SOWETO! The estimated population is 1.6 million people.  The area size is 200km², with more than 355 000 households.  There is a major contrast with big mansions and overcrowded shanties (iron houses).

We will visit  the first black residential district in Soweto, Kliptown. First laid out in 1891 on land which formed part of Klipspruit dairy farm (owned by an Afrikaner). From 1904 the area was home to a bohemian group of people: Whites, Coloureds, Indians, Chinese and Black people. In 1955, three thousand  people around the country gathered to endorse the Freedom Charter. A document setting out the ordinary objectives of black South Africans for equal rights in the land of their birth.

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All tours are done by locals born and raised in Soweto.

Drive through Soweto

Kliptown Freedom Charter

Informal Settlement

Hector Pieterson Museum

Mandela House



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  • 8 Hours: R1050 pp sharing
  • All Entrance fees included
  • Lunch excluded

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