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KND Tours & Shuttles started as an informal staff lift club in August 2004. The demand for staff transportation increased, we seized the opportunity.

Starting with one vehicle, Toyota Avanza, (currently working in the business) grew to a fleet of vehicles to date.

Growing up in an underprivileged community, we did not have the opportunity to travel, Domestically or Internationally.

As we traveled locally, we realised that all the tourism destinations are visited by 75% Internationals and 25% Locals.

The mindset amongst our locals are: “tourism is expensive and is only for the foreign visitors that can afford it.” With the above reality, KND Tours & Shuttles came into existence.

The company promotes South African Tourism as an all-season, all year-round preferred tourism destination.

Our main aim is to “Expose” our local communities to our beautiful country through Tourism.

We specialise in Authentic Local Tours from Johannesburg to Pretoria and the historical township, “Soweto”.

100% Black Owned

70% Black woman Owned


FIVE Pillars in our Company



To provide an Authentic, Bespoke, Safe and a Unique experience.

We believe in the development of our staff (previously disadvantaged) and strive to reinforce the principles of employment practices.


To become a FIRST-CLASS Tour and Shuttle company providing a Unique, Reliable and Comfortable Travel convenience.


KND Tours & Shuttles strives to deliver timely, safe, comfortable tour and shuttle services.

We believe it is this affection for quality that best serves our business, employees and community.